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Aishwarya Nautiyal

I still remember my first month here in Brisbane, a new culture with new challenges and with the new competitive workforce of Australia. At that time my challenge was to get into the work force and establish myself within this competitive and skilled market. Finally after certain downfalls I decided to visit Joblinx in the hope of securing a job.

I remember when I first met my employment consultant in the reception of James Cook University Brisbane, a person with a positive smile, giving me the encouragement needed to move forward. She started working on my resume, but due to lack of experience in the workforce I was advised to go with the work experience program. With the guidance I received from Joblinx I was able to reformat my resume and brush up on my interview skills for the work experience program. Finally we moved into the final stage of working with the adventure firm Riverlife.

It was at that point that I felt I too have an opportunity in the Australian market. Since then I have been taking advice from Joblinx regarding several internship and work experience programs, and most recently I have been able to seize an opportunity in the field of photography which is my professional stream. I have been trying to find a job in this field for the last year, however with Joblinx assistance I performed successfully in the interview and am now working on shaping myself as a professional photographer and improving my graphic skills.

An opportunity like this in such a competitive market is rare, but somehow due to Joblinx we were able to seize this opportunity and made sure it can be used in shaping my professional career.

I am thankful that I have been offered such an opportunity and found a good friend who has helped me for the last year professionally with such positivity and professional guidance. I encourage every student to seek Joblinx guidance and support during their studies at JCU Brisbane."