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Bonny Wang

I was looking for work experience opportunities related to my accounting studies. I approached Joblinx and within a few weeks I was placed in an accounting role. The preparation I had for the interview was efficient and effective for me to get the job. In my role at The Pad I am doing various accounting functions 3 days a week. Prior to this I had only studied the theory, but now I have the chance to put in practice what I learn, and also to learn more than what I do at Uni. It is very exciting.

The first 2 weeks it was very tough because I had to learn so much that I didn’t know or learn in university. Even though at times I felt I could not do it, I was persistent and determined to make it work. My advice to students is, when you enter a new work environment there are many difficulties and it seems strange to you, don’t let this discourage you! Be persistent and do not giving up!

I believe that without this work opportunity I wouldn’t have had any idea of the working culture in Australia and the accounting job in general. This opportunity gave me the confidence to go out there and look for other opportunities. Not only I am in improving my English skills, but my dream came true, I have seen it for myself what it is like to be an accountant.

I have recommended my class mates to Joblinx. I have seen firsthand how hard is to find such an opportunity, and a paid job must be even harder for international students.  I think we are lucky at JCU Brisbane to have this service, the opportunity to gain knowledge, obtaining work experience and paid jobs."


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