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Karan Nogja

I would like to thank Joblinx for the great opportunity they gave me at Sarina Russo Institute, which was an amazing experience when I was looking for professional work experience within the IT industry.

Joblinx helped me through the entire process, initially beginning with Joblinx staff helping me by enhancing my interview skills. I was then guided on improvements necessary for landing the role. Thank you to Joblinx for helping me, believing in me and for giving me this opportunity to work with Sarina Russo Institute.

The first few weeks of my internship were very tough for me as I had to learn a few new things which I hadn’t learnt while at university and at times I felt like I should quit, but self-motivation, patience and practice kept me going. After 12 weeks of working hard in my internship, my manager offered me a paid part-time developer’s role in the organisation, which was the best day of my life. Without this opportunity I couldn’t have been introduced to the work culture in Australia.

This program gave me a wide range of responsibilities, which I performed during my Internship. During my Internship I was given the task of designing web-based digital resource from unformatted paper-based content into more user-friendly clear content with digital formatting. I first had to analyse the content and then make templates with that content. This opportunity is so important to improve my qualifications as well as achieve my future goals.

Joblinx have done a fantastic job in organizing Professional Internships. It provides the student ample opportunities to gain real world professional experience, and is a great combination of theoretical and practical knowledge. Student should take advantage of this opportunity available, as most universities in Australia don’t offer these services for job placement."