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Relvie Tengdui

The Joblinx team helped me with a variety of things including editing my Resume, helping me get a paid job (which I am currently at) and continuing to assist me with research and advice about how I can improve my career prospects in my chosen field of study.

I can understand any apprehensions you may have about Joblinx as during the completion of my undergraduate degree, I had used a similar service at my previous University but found that after the initial consultation, nothing really happened and I had to fend for myself.

After living in Brisbane for a year with no success at securing a paid job I eventually approached Joblinx and the service I received made me really regret not approaching them sooner. What I love about the Joblinx team is that they take the time to really assist you and make you feel like you are being personally valued and taken care off, a staff member of the Joblinx team even accompanied me to one of my job interviews and kept in touch with me to see how I was progressing.

Whether you’re just looking for a part time job to earn some money or seeking help with setting the foundations for future career prospects in your degree, I highly recommend you give this service a try.

Cheers and Good luck with everything."